Icon Skill Skill Modification(s)
Psychic Wave

​​​​​​Psychic Wave

Changed zone to be 7x7 at all levels.

Reduced the duration of the skill to 2s.

Reduced the number of hits to 5 at level 5

Damage reduced.

Damage(MATK)=Skill Lvl x 40+(INTx3)

Diamond Dust
Diamond Dust

Reduced damage.                                                                                        Damage(MATK)=(Skill Lv × INT)+(Endow Tsunami Lv × 100)

Crystalize is replaced with the Freezing status.

Varetyr Spear
Varetyr Spear Reduced zone to 3x3.
Reduced damage.

Damage(MATK)=Base Damage MATK+(EndowTornado Lv × 30)

Arrullo Reduced the duration of the skill to 10s.
Earth Grave
Earth Grave Damage reduced.

Damage(MATK)=( SkillLv × INT )+(EndowQuake Lv × 100 )

Killing Cloud
Cloud Kill Delay between 2 hits is now 1 second.
Extreme Vacuum
Vacuum Extreme Duration of skill reduced to 5s at level 5

Not usable during War of Emperium