Icon Skill Skill Modification(s)
Turisus Runestone
Giant Growth Reduced STR to 15.

15% chance to do double damage. Weapon no longer breaks.

Pertz Runestone
Stormblast Cooldown to 1second.

Damage reduced.

pc checkskill(sd,RK RUNEMASTERY):0)+ status get str(src)÷ 8)x60;

Rhydo Runestone
Crush Strike Can no longer double attack.

Damage reduced.

(sd->inventory_data[index]->weight ÷ 10 + sd->inventory_data[index]->atk + 50 * sd->inventory_data[index]->wlv x (sd->inventory.u.items_inventory[index].refine + 6));

Hagalas Runestone
Stonehard_Skin Added a fix 10 defense

Has a chance to break enemy's weapon when attacked