Land ConquerorEdit

Land Conqueror is one of the most famous feature of Chapter R. Basically, it's a PK mode, enabled once a week on Saturday where guilds fight each other on fields and dungeons to conquer them and get xp and drop advantages.


This mode is enabled all day on Saturday.

Players under lvl 60 are not affected by the Land Conqueror. Nor PK nor XP/Drop Advantages/ Maluses.

Any field and dungeon is conquerable. Cities are not.

Capture a mapEdit

To own a map, the conqueror must be a member of a guild.

Then, he must use a 
Certificate of possession and stay alive during the incantation of 10 seconds.

A totem appears. The guild now owns the map.

The totemEdit

The totem represents your influence on the map. The destruction of it will end your reign.

It has 150 Life Points and only takes 1 damage per hit.  It's immune to magic. Heal will only restore 1 HP.


When a player enters a conquered map, the totem is symbolized by a red cross on the mini map.

The orbsEdit

You have access to a bunch of orbs that can help you both attacking and defending the totems.

In order to use those orbs, you must be on the same map as the target totem.

Icon Name Description
Blast orb
Blast Orb Cast an explosion on your totem. 

Inflict damages on any player next to it.

Earthquake orb
Earthquake orb Cast an earthquake on your totem.

Inflict big damages on any player next to it

Faking orb
Faking orb Create a fake replica of your totem. 

This replica is shown on the mini-map to the ennemies instead of the original one since they don't use an Orb of revelation

Fire orb
Fire orb Cast a Blaze shield arount your totem. 

Inflict damages on any player.

Hiding orb
Hiding orb Make your totem use the skill "Hiding" (can be revealed by ruwach, sight etc...)
Orb of heal
Orb of heal Cast a sanctuary on your totem. (Totem is healed 1hp by 1hp)
Orb of revelation
Orb of revelation Display the tue position of an ennemy's totem.
Teleportation orb
Teleportation orb Quick recall to your totem.


A guild can have a maximum of 6 territories at the same time. All the totems disappear at midnight.