Icon Skill Skill Modification(s)
Dark Claw
Dark Claw

No longer deals damage. It is unusable while under Cloaking Exceed Doesn't work on MvPs

Cross Impact
Cross Impact Damage reduced.

600 + 100 * skill_lv

Venom Impression
Venom Impress Resistance drops maximum of 25%

Doesn't work on MvPs

Oblivion Curse

Effect reduced to 30s.

I Hallucination
Other Poisons Effect reduced to 1min.
Cross Ripper Slasher
Cross Ripper Slasher Reduced deviation of damage with or without Agi.

New Forumula: 100+(20x skill lv)+(RollingCutter Counter x35)+(RollingCutter Counter x Agi ÷2)

Rolling Cutter
Rolling Cutter Damage reduced.

50 + 25*skill_v

Venom Pressure
Venom_Pressure Damage reduced to 30%